Re: In your local shop

Charles Hart (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 10:45:52 -0700

>On 2 Dec 95 at 17:54, Charles Hart typed diligently:
>> The Meikraft kit makes for a nice model of the D-III, the re-issue
>> lacks photo etched parts and the decals, but these shouldn't be major
>> problems.
>Photoetch? I have several original Meikraft Pfalz' and don't
>remember any photoetch.
Sorry to burst your bubble Matt, I hadn just looked over my three
Meikraft Pfalz D-III kits. The first I obtained had color printing on the
box, kit was molded in cream colored plastic, has two sheets of decals and
two small PE sheets (upper wing radiator details, fretted jackets for the
Spandaus and a couple of other things). A second kit I picked up months
after the first has black and white printing of the box art, printed on a
glossy paper stock but is otherwise identical to the first issue (i.e.
decals and PE). The third example I found in a Denver area shop a few
months ago, same black and white printing on the box but much cheaper
quality paper stock. The contents of this box is simply the kit plastic
parts, molded in a cream colored plastic and the instructions.

There was about a 5 year lapse between my purchase of the first kit
and the last. How many times has this kit been issued, only John Meikranz
knows for sure, I just spring for them if I see them in a shop 'cuz I'll
never send him $$ directly again (reflecting feelings of perhaps a few
other members of this list).

These statements are simply a reflection of my experience and are in
no way meant to impune the good name of Meikraft models.

Charles Hart