Re: Jacobs bios

Charles Hart (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 10:58:05 -0700

Thanks to Matt for his references, a couple of clarifications:

I met Steve Lawson earlier this year, we both live in the Denver area,
and he is to be commended for bringing so much information on Jacobs to our
community. Steve does not posess the Jacobs diary. It belongs to a
private archive of WW I aviation memoribilia in Colorado. Steve has been
granted generous access to the diary in order to complete his research and
publication. It is a veryinteresting document, several note books that
were kept by Jacobs during the war. Afterwards he bound the notebooks
together in a blue binding that has a jewlers reproduction of his pour le
merite affixed to the outside front cover. Sadly, when the diary was
acquired by the archive most of the photographs had been removed by persons

Steve had the pleasure of meeting Jacobs in the 1970s. I believe
Jacobs died about 1975. Someone with an issue of Cross & Cockade handy can
correct this (my issue is at home).