Re: Lozenge: Dumb Questions

Charles Hart (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 12:24:41 -0700

Welcome to the list Scott.

In the words of my organic chemistry professor some years ago;
"the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked"

You have certainly come to the right place for opinions and knowledge
regarding WW I modelling (with a bit on other subjects/eras thrown in.

My question is can non-AOL people access the modeling forum you
mention, or is it worth the effort ??


>Hello all! OK, so this question might give away my lack of experience with
>lozenge and defy my hopes of being a fully acceptable to my fellow modelers
>;), BUT...
>1.) I just can't seem to get all of those air bubbles out from under my
>lozenge decals. I've tried many methods, and so far I've simply poked and
>prodded with needles and Solvaset to get those bubbles out, but there's
>always one or two I have to shave off later, then having to mix and match
>paint for touch up. Is there a secret I haven't been let in on?
>2.) How about those trailing edges? Is it as easy as cutting out a near
>perect match from the decal sheet? Shrinkage(?) has spoiled my efforts along
>the TEs before, maybe there's another way?
>3.) Recommended maufacturer? Americal seems to be the accepted choice around
>here, I've used the hexes for an Aviatik. I've used the Aeromaster 5 color
>scheme, it looks fine to me, but a heated debate in AOL's model forum left me
>unsatisfied. Eduard's out-of-the- box seem a bit hard to swallow. Any
>By the way, I'm a relatively new member to this mailing list, so forgive my
>ignorance if this topic has been covered (pun! :)).
>My name is Scott H. from Houston, Texas and I have always had an interest in
>WWI aviation. Since being inspired by the owner of Lone Star Models and his
>HUGE Felixstowe (he's in my IPMS Chapter) to build WWI aircraft (but not his
>kits! Too rough for me still), I've looked for the elusive group of
>like-minded builders and I hope I've found gold! Thanks!
>IPMS 32841