Re: What I'm working on

Bill Ciciora (
Mon, 04 Dec 95 12:48:21 EST

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995 12:57:15 Jesse wrote:

>The Sierra Scale Roland CII might be a good first vac since both wings
>attach to the fuselage. You won't have to deal with making struts and a
>jig and hassling with positioning and attaching the upper wing.
>It is $20. You will have to supply most of the interior. You will most
>likely want to build new landing struts and supply new wheels. And decals.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse. It sounds like "cheap" and "vac kit"
do not belong in the same sentence :) I was thinking along the lines
of Smer pricing, or maybe Monogram. I have most of the Eduard kits, but
I don't dare build them yet because I'm not really up to par, skills-wise.

I really can't go 1/72 either; I have enough trouble handling 1/48.