Re: What I'm working on

Charles Hart (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:18:00 -0700

>On Mon, 4 Dec 1995 12:57:15 Jesse wrote:
>>The Sierra Scale Roland CII might be a good first vac since both wings
>>attach to the fuselage. You won't have to deal with making struts and a
>>jig and hassling with positioning and attaching the upper wing.
>>It is $20. You will have to supply most of the interior. You will most
>>likely want to build new landing struts and supply new wheels. And decals.
>Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse. It sounds like "cheap" and "vac kit"
>do not belong in the same sentence :) I was thinking along the lines
>of Smer pricing, or maybe Monogram. I have most of the Eduard kits, but
>I don't dare build them yet because I'm not really up to par, skills-wise.


You might want to check a swap meet or some one disposing of a kit
accumulation to seek out a "relatively" cheap vac form kit. It is usually
some "cottage industry" that is cranking out these vac kits , and not large
numbers of them at that. Hence the tendancy for higher costs.

I have had luck in sale bins at hobby shops. I have picked up the odd
Formaplane kit for between $2.99 and $7.99 at odd times. Luck of the draw