RE: Spa.48 reference info?
05 Dec 95 12:38:00 EST

G'day Sean

I don't know about Paul Huteau, but my last project was a DML Spa.48 Spad
13 in exactly the markings you mention.

References I used were Squadron Signal "SPAD in Action", the Windsock
datafile on the SPAD 13 and several magazine articles, mainly Windsock.

You'll need to check your references carefully if you do find photos of
Huteaus' a/c. The one I chose was an early SPAD 13 which has the rounded
wing tips. Unhappilly, it's not so simple as just rounding then off,
since the span is actually greater. I had to lengthen the wings and
remove any sign of the join, then round the tips to shape.

Other variations in the Adjutants aircraft were:

No fairing on centre section brace wires
No cheek panels OR grilles (incidentally the DML grilles look nice but
are usefull for almost nothing)
Use the engine bearers included in the kit but marked as "not used" where
cheek panels were not fitted.

These changes may also apply to your prototype.

You'll also want to remove the incorrect access panel under the starboard

I used the Aeromaster sheet, which I had as a birthday gift from my
children. The cockerell is probably not so good looking as the MSAP one,
but quite close. I found the most difficult part was matching the outer
circle colour in paint for the cowling ring.

For what it's worth


Okay guys, I'm new to the list. I've been enjoying reading all the posts
the last week or so and finally decided to jump in and ask for some help
my next project. I would like to build DML's Spad 13 or maybe JGMT's
Spad 7
in Spa 48 markings. Those rooster heads are great! I think MSAP's Spad
sheet really captured it. More specifically, I read a great article in
Winsock Vol. 7 No. 4 (August 1991) -- France's Foreign Legion of the Air
on Jaques Roques, and in that article, the author (Jon Guttman) mentions
MdL. Paul Louis Huteau. I REALLY want to build Huteau's plane -- you
see, my
last name is Hughto (pronounced like the name Hugh and then the things on
end of your feet). Thus, MdL. Huteau and I have the same last name
phoenetically. My last name is French-Canadian and may well have been
spelled like Huteau's at one time. Well, the article mentions Huteau,
gives few details and because it was focused on Roques, of course, there
no pictures of Huteau's mount -- assuming he even had one that he used
consistently. If anyone knows anyhting that might help or knows of any
likely references, I would appreciate hearing about them. Sorry to make
first post so esoteric. I'm excited to be part of the list. Everyone
so friendly and knowledgable. By the way, G-day Shane!

Sean Huteau