Re: Rummaging for kits

Allan Wright (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 08:42:39 -0500 (EST)

> >I think that Rosemont has some Austin Ball's with resin props, guns, wheels,
> >etc. for about $6-7. Definately more in line with a learning kit. I was
> >originally thinking along the lines of a $2-3 kit at a swap meet or sale
> >bin also. As I said I started with a $2.00 kit. Before you spend $20 on a
> >vac to learn on let me rummage through my collection. I may still have one
> >of those Austin-Ball's laying around.
> Are these the Scaleplanes kits ?? Aren't these complete resin kits ??
> I have one but at this price I would gladly pick up another one or two.
> It is a very nice kit and well worth this price even if the subject was a
> one off machine.

Nor Resin, they're Vacuform wings, fuselage, tailplane, tail with resin prop,
engine, wheels, etc. Molded in white vacuform plastic (naturally) and an
olive green colored resin. I'm not sure of the maker - I'll check tonight.
I remember thinking when I bought it that I might never build an Austin-Ball
but at that price with all the nice detail parts included I couldn't pass
it up. I'm sure I paid less than $10 for it - $6 seems to be what I remember.

I'll bring it in tomorrow and scan the kit so everyone can see what's
included - as well as it will let me have an example of a vacuform kit
and resin parts for the Glossary. I'll bring in some other tid-bits for
scanning - will make a nice addition to the glossary - Illustrations.