More Lozenge

Charles Hart (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:23:17 -0700

Scott has written:

>For what it's worth, I just finished the rib tapes on Eduard's Fokker D.VI
>using the Aeromaster lozenge, and the undersurfaces of Eduard's Hannover
>using the kit decals. I like the Aeromaster colors, but Eduard's (Propagteam)
>decals were easier to work with. They take abuse quite well!

Since I don't have either of these kits I'm curious, which type of
lozenge do they provide ??

Photos show that most Fokker built aircraft use 4-color lozenge,
although there are some exceptions. I have looked carefully through photos
of the Hannover Cl-II in the Datafile and Fliegertruppe 1914-18 vol.1 and
found only the use of 5-color lozenge fabric on these aircraft. Did Eduard
get this part right ??