Re: Applying WWI German lozenge scheme
Wed, 06 Dec 95 08:00:11 PST

Hi there,
I just bought a 1:48 Fokker DVIII by DML and was wondering if you had any
suggestion regarding the lozenge camouflage decals. Should they be applied on:
a painted surface? painted+ Future? Future alone?

I have seen others on the list say that it is best to paint
the kit as close to the lightest color on the lozenge as
possible. I don't know too much about that.

I think that you may have better results if you spray with a
gloss coat rather than with Future. Could be wrong, but I
wonder if you will have problems with the decal adhering to
the Future finish. Maybe someone else has tried this. I
usually have heard of Future being the final coat.

Not the most experienced in the world, yet willing to share
my wisdom. Or vice versa. Good luck. --Stephen Tontoni