Re: Books (??) for sale

Charles Hart (
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 10:55:27 -0700

To continue a thread:
>> >Any books?. If he, or anyone else, has the Harleyford Rcon and Bomber book
>> >I would be interested.
>> >
>> >Howard
>> You, me and a lot of other folks have that interest. Recently a copy
>> sold via World War One Aeroplanes for $1,100.00 !!!!!!!!
>You have got to be kidding. You mean my original 60's era copy - 1st
>printing - is worth $1000+ ???????
>How about the Fighters and the Marine Aircraft books?

These books are really "worth" what someone is willing to pay for
them, and obviously this can be a lot of $$$.

I have the Fighter and Marine a/c volumes. From the copies I have
seen of all three (fighters, marine a/c & bombers) I have deduced that the
Harleyford Fighter volume was published initially in the mid to late 1950's
and then later re-printed, how many times I don't know. My copy dates from
the early 1970's and is a facsimile edition with rather poor quality
reproduction of the photographs. Both the Bomber and Marine aircraft books
appear to have been published around 1965. From the few copies I have seen
of either volume there appears to have been only one printing, hence the
relative rarity of both volumes. The prices I have seen for these two have
mostly run in the $100 range for the last 10 years or so. I got very lucky
and found my copy of the marine a/c book at the 1985 IPMS Nationals for
$20.00. I'm not selling mine either.

If anyone out there has any additional, more factual information on
this book series I, for one, would be glad to learn more of the details
behind them. Given that the drawings in all three volumes are well over 30
years old, one has to wonder about their accuracy given the higher quality
drawings currently available.