Re: Books (??) for sale
Wed, 06 Dec 95 12:10:57 -0500

> I have the Fighter and Marine a/c volumes. From the copies I have
> seen of all three (fighters, marine a/c & bombers) I have deduced that the
> Harleyford Fighter volume was published initially in the mid to late 1950's
> and then later re-printed, how many times I don't know. My copy dates from
> the early 1970's and is a facsimile edition with rather poor quality
> reproduction of the photographs. Both the Bomber and Marine aircraft books
> appear to have been published around 1965. From the few copies I have seen
> of either volume there appears to have been only one printing, hence the
> relative rarity of both volumes. The prices I have seen for these two have
> mostly run in the $100 range for the last 10 years or so. I got very lucky
> and found my copy of the marine a/c book at the 1985 IPMS Nationals for
> $20.00. I'm not selling mine either.

What I was told is that the plates for the Bomber book were destroyed in a fire
sometime after the first printing so there where no other printings. The $100.
range is what I have been told for the last few years with the Fighter book in
the $60-80 range.