Re[4]: Interior color: Sopwith Baby
Thu, 16 Nov 95 12:00:11 PST

Testors seems to have the most difficulty with getting pilot scale right. The
figures included with their 1:48 Spad and Nie 17 look like they belong in 1:72
aircraft! Ironically, the best figure I ever found in a kit came from one of
the cheapest: a Smer 1:48 Dr,I. Size looked right, pilot face and other details
were crisp. I should have saved him and cast my own resin clones of him,
instead of building him as Manfred :-)
----- I have a plastic cup that I throw in my pilot figures. At
one time I had about a half dozen or so sitting on my TV
set. Now there are a lot more in the cup. Anyway, for the
most part they are pretty trashy. The nicer ones are Tamiya
for the most part. Of course that means that they are
wearing WWII uniforms (1/48). Some of the others aren't too
bad. Surprisingly, Monogram has pretty good figures in
1/48th -- again WWII stuff. Really, of the WWI stuff that
I've worked on, I don't recall getting ANY pilot figures.
---Stephen Tontoni