Re: Sopwith Snipes

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 09:01:01 +0000

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>On 17 Nov 95 at 9:11, Allan Wright typed diligently:
>> O.K. - I have a good one for the Pack-Rats in the group:
>> I have a friend who is looking for a Sopwith Snipe in 1/72. Does anyone
>> know if Pegasus made this? If not how about any other injection? Resin?
>> Vac?

> Matt B. replied:
>Pegasus put one out as one of their first kits. I have it listed as
>kit number 0008. Good luck finding one!
>I also think that there were a few vac ones put out. I'm guessing at
>Formaplane, but check around for others. I haven't seen nor heard of
>any others (yet). Good luck.

Rareplanes produced a Sopwith Snipe vac form kit under the "Warbirds"
label. The other kits with this label were a Pfalz D-III/IIIa and Thomas
Morse fighter.

All three are nice kits, well made female mold vac forms. However all
three have been rendered either in resin or short run injection molding.
Still they pop up from time to time. Just last week I spotted two Pfalz
Warbirds kits at a swap meet. Certainly they were much cheaper than the
Meikraft offering.