Re: the the 2F1 Camel at the IWM

Gerald P. McOsker (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 17:55:36 -0500

On Novemebr 15 Hirohisa san emquired about the 2F1 Camel at the Imperial
War Museum-
>Q.1 How about shape the upside of 2F1 nose without Vickers-guns?
>Q.2 Does the 2F1 have telescopic sight? Or another type gun sight?

Hirohisa san- I just received back the 3 photos that I took of this Camel
which hangs from the ceiling of this museum.

1.The nose shape of the 2F1 is basically the same as the regular Camel. The
left hand trough [slit/hole ?] where the Vickers went open. It is an
irregular cut in the metal. The right hand trough seems to be faired over.

2.There is an Aldis sight mounted slightly to the right of the center line.

3. The metal cowling is painted black.

4. There are 2 Lewis guns mounted above wing.
I hope this helps you,
Regards Gerry

Gerry McOsker- Newport Rhode Island.

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