Pilots or not-was cockpit interiors

Sat, 18 Nov 1995 10:10:30 EST

To continue this thread I would like to add my 2cents worth. One
thing touched on was the fact that armor modellers have figures all
over their models, and a/c modellers avoid them. I think this is
just different styles or "esthetics" if you like. What I mean is
that the current style for armor models is for them to be fairly well
weathered, dirty, dusty, etc, and with figures. With aircraft a less
drastic weathering is in vogue but only for WW2 era a/c. Other types,
such as WW1, Golden Age, modern jets, and especially airliners are
often not weathered at all. This also applies to scale color not
being used either. With car models as well the usual is for very
shiny, smooth paint jobs except for the occasional exceptionally well
done rust job. These esthetics are fairly fixed but do slowly evolve
with time.

As for myself, I am for realistic weathering. I think a lot of WW1
models are to pristine and unweathered. I also think scale color is
the way to go. It was touched on in the lozenge decals thread a week
back. As for pilots I think they are fine and add a certain flair to
a model especially WW1 a/c. I would like to see most aircraft a
little more weathered and realistic, especially airliners.

I hope I do not sound to opinionated, I do not want to tell any body
else how to model, only want to say what I think.

Cheers, Doug Faulder