Re: Pilots or not-was cockpit interiors

Greg Springer (
Sat, 18 Nov 1995 14:23:17 -0800

On Sat. Nov. 18 Dr. Douglas Faulder wrote:

>As for myself, I am for realistic weathering. I think a lot of WW1
>models are too pristine and unweathered. I also think scale color is
>the way to go. It was touched on in the lozenge decals thread a week
>back. As for pilots I think they are fine and add a certain flair to
>a model especially WW1 a/c. I would like to see most aircraft a
>little more weathered and realistic, especially airliners.
>I hope I do not sound to opinionated, I do not want to tell any body
>else how to model, only want to say what I think.

Not to worry about voicing opinions. That's what forums are for.
Thanks for the words of support on scale effect. In our club we have a
good rapport between the armor/figure guys and the aircraft types.
Over the years I have been glad to get ideas from the armor builders
because the quality of their work was so high and the undeniable appeal
of their finishes.
I think that the amount of weathering I prefer to see depends on
whether or not the model is displayed on a diorama-type base or simply
displayed on a shelf. If a muddy airfield is portrayed on the base
then I will accept more wear and grime on the aircraft. A model
sitting on a shelf looks out of place if it's too grungy.
I recently saw an F-18 with nicely executed heavy weathering on it. It
was totally inacurate however as it was marked as an Air Group
Commander's plane. Any CAG's crew chief who allowed his charge to
deteriorate to the condition portrayed would be keel-hauled at the very


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