Re[2]: the 2F1 Camel at the IWM

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Mon, 20 Nov 95 10:50:43 JST

Hello, Gerry. Thank you for your helpful answer.

>>>>> (Gerald P. McOsker) writes:
Gerry> 1.The nose shape of the 2F1 is basically the same as the regular Camel. The
Gerry> left hand trough [slit/hole ?] where the Vickers went open. It is an
Gerry> irregular cut in the metal. The right hand trough seems to be faired over.
Gerry> 2.There is an Aldis sight mounted slightly to the right of the center line.

Hmmm... You say the 2F1 at the IWM has unsymmetrical nose.
Is not it minority version?

Is Aldis sight same as telescopic sight? or a rod with ring and star? or a simple sighting rod?

Gerry> Hirohisa san- I just received back the 3 photos that I took of this Camel
Gerry> which hangs from the ceiling of this museum.

The 'Hirohisa san' is a formal term in Japanese. So I am thankfull to you and
I should say to you that I feel tickle:-)
Please relax to call me, 'Hirohisa' or 'Hiro'.
BTW I am in anxiety about my articles at writing in Engrish.

Thanks, Hiro.

--Hirohisa Ozaki