Re: Pilots or not-was cockpit interiors

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 07:31:18 -0500

On 18 Nov 95 at 10:10, DR DOUGLAS G FAULDER typed diligently:

> As for myself, I am for realistic weathering. I think a lot of WW1
> models are to pristine and unweathered. I also think scale color is
> the way to go. It was touched on in the lozenge decals thread a week
> back. As for pilots I think they are fine and add a certain flair to
> a model especially WW1 a/c. I would like to see most aircraft a
> little more weathered and realistic, especially airliners.

To start a thread: what do people here consider realistic weathering
for WW1? I would have to agree with Doug. Armor modelers (myself
included) really like things dirty, grungy and the like, whereas most
A/C modelers are too pristine. However, I really haven't seen any
discussion on what it considered adequate or realistic weathering on
WW1 A/C. The limit I go to is to dirty the underside just a bit (mud
and dirt flying causes some "weathering"), but that's about it.


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