Re: Sopwith Snipes

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 07:31:19 -0500

On 20 Nov 95 at 11:03, Hirohisa Ozaki typed diligently:

> I have a Pegasus's kit and a Rareprane's vac-form kit. I strongly suggest Rareprane's one.
> It is easier to built than Pegasus's one, I think so.

I would tend to agree with Hiro here. Any vac is easier to build
than the *earlier* Pegasus kits. I'm currently working on their
Sparrowhawk, and the amount of time and energy put in it thus far is
*greater* than that put into a vac. Most parts are too thick, and
some are better replaced. For example, with the amount of time it
would have taken to thin the horizontal tail surfaces, it was easier
and quicker to scratch out of sheet. Wings have to be thinned
*drastically*, and all struts have to be scratched.

Im my opinion, if you can get a vac versus the earlier Pegasus kit,
do so.


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