Re: Pegasus SSW D-IIIs

C.P. Hart (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 11:51:43 +0000

Matt B. continued:

>On 20 Nov 95 at 10:32, C.P. Hart typed diligently:
>> As Matt mentioned in an earlier posting today, the Pegasus Sopwith
>> Snipe (a contemporary of the first SSW issue) is molded in thick plastic
>> and difficult to assemble. I suppose that the first issue could be built
>> as an accurate model, there is probably enough plastic available in the kit
>> pieces to carve out a properly dimensioned fuselage. I would be interested
>> to hear how many of the various issues got into the hands of members of
>> this list.
>I have the "black" and "grey" issue. Does the fuselage match up? I
>was thinking that it didn't, but I'm probably wrong.
The fuselages of all issues are the correct length, those of the resin
mastered kits are about the right depth and look less "tubby" than the
initial kit.