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>In a message dated 95-11-20 08:45:19 EST, (Matt Bittner) wrote:
>>To start a thread: what do people here consider realistic weathering
>>for WW1? I would have to agree with Doug. Armor modelers (myself
>>included) really like things dirty, grungy and the like, whereas most
>>A/C modelers are too pristine. However, I really haven't seen any
>>discussion on what it considered adequate or realistic weathering on
>>WW1 A/C. The limit I go to is to dirty the underside just a bit (mud
>>and dirt flying causes some "weathering"), but that's about it.
>There are a number of arguments against the heavy weathering of WWI aircraft.
> The principle one is that the airframe lifetimes were only on the order of
>several months. Because of their fragility, attempts were made to keep them
>under cover whenever possible. The low power to weight ratios made operation
>off of muddy fields difficult, although not impossible. Any resulting mud
>would be cleaned off as quickly as possible to cut weight and drag and to
>prevent water absorbtion into the wood and fabric,
>None of this meant that the planes didn't get dirty. There were no paved
>runways, so the ground environment could get dusty. And the rotary engines
>in particular would pour a lot of oil out of the exhaust. I'm not quite sure
>what the post-flight result would look like, so I'll continue to go with a
>clean airplane. For whatever its worth, thats my thinking on the subject.
>Eli Geher
Many of the photos of well used ww-1 aircraft show heavy oil staining
around the holes in the fabric where the control cables pass through.
Also I have seen much heavy oil staining on the sides and botton of the
fuselage particularly at the junctions of the wood frameing members.
Sopwith 1 1/2 strutters and Nieuport Aircraft seem to be prone to this.

Later, Mike

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