Re: Decal Letters and Numbers

Bill Ciciora (
Mon, 20 Nov 95 15:16:51 EST

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995 12:30:57 Matt wrote:

>For German, you can't go too wrong with Superscale sheet number 72-2
>(I think). It contains German crosses, but a bunch of stencil and
>serial number data as well.
>For British, I've been using Letraset press on numbers. Not sure of
>the style/order number, but they're the smallest that I've been able
>to find. I bought it at the "local" art store, which turned into a
>"Dick Blik" art store.

I had been thinking of those press-on numbers, but wasn't sure how
to go about it. Do you press them to clear decal sheet? Anything
special about the technique?

Does Superscale have 1:48 number sheets as well? Do you have an
address and/or phone number for ordering direct?

Bill Ciciora