Re: Weathering thoughts

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:19:20 -0600

>I think the best reference we currently have for what a WWI aircraft might look
>like is to look at the ones currently flying.

A great idea!

>Granted, operational museums like Rhinebeck, Old Warden, and Owls Head go
to great
>lengths to keep their charges looking good but some things are inescapable.
>oil stains from the engine being most notable. The aircraft operated by these
>concerns are pampered but they are also much more than the few to several
>old that most arcraft at the front enjoyed as an average lifespan. They do not
>see much mud which, as noted, was quickly removed, but they do suffer long
>months of storage between seasons.

I can tell you that the Old Rhinebeck Jenney has faded paint, chipped paint
etc. She is oil stained and generally looks just you would expect an
operational Jenny to look. The 504K is badly oil stained! The D-VII, Dr1 and
D-VIII look very nice. But they have little time on them. The 11 is quite you would expect with a fresh coat of paint on her! The
Pietenpol is very faded and has a very "worn" look about it.

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