Re[2]: Weathering thoughts
Mon, 20 Nov 95 14:03:16 PST

I weather with an airbrush and have found that I can do some
interesting streaking on the wing surfaces.

For example, with a dark green surface, I airbrush VERY
LIGHT DILUTED streaks of several colors to obtain a sort of
patina even on the decals. I use olive and some other warmer
greens to sort of age it. A dark green will go light,
right? With a linen surface, I go darker. So again, LIGHT
DILUTED paint squirted in streaks parallel to the ribs using
colors like desert yellow, etc. I use several different
colors until I have the look that I want.

You can play with this a lot and as long as you use very
diluted paint, it will take a lot before you have too much
on there. I sort of go by what looks pretty cool over
prototypes and all that empirical nonsense. :)

See you all later. ---Stephen Tontoni