Re[3]: the 2F1 Camel at the IWM

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Tue, 21 Nov 95 10:33:41 JST

>>>>> (Gerald P. McOsker) writes:
>Hmmm... You say the 2F1 at the IWM has unsymmetrical nose.
>Is not it minority version?
Gerry> The nose of this Camel is not unsymmetrical in shape. It is the same nose
Gerry> basically as on the other Camels. It doesn't have the two Vickers. The left
Gerry> hand opening which would normally contain the Vickers MG is open. The right
Gerry> hand opening is covered over.

Sorry, I made a mistake in reading your letter.
The nose of 2F1 at the IWM is not unsymmetrical, same as other Camels.
You say this Camel has a fairing on right(starboard) side of nose which place
would normally install a Vickers-gun. Right?

>Is Aldis sight same as telescopic sight? or a rod with ring and star? or a
>simple sighting rod?
Gerry> The Aldis sight was, I believe, a telescopic sight.

I have often used English dictionary when read and write English articles.
But my dictionary is poor, and I could not find a word 'Aldis'.
I know it only as guided lights for landing from some aviation books.

Gerry> Hiro- your English very understandible.and much better than my Japanese
Gerry> which has about 20 words.

Thank you. I was relieved to hear it. What do you know Japanese words?
Oh yes, Allan, thank you too.

Gerry> Cheers. [In this group we often say Cheers when signing off- it is a
Gerry> British term used when going away or when drinking and we all[ oh well most
Gerry> of us] are fantasy pilots in the RFC or RNAS. Nicht whar?



--Hirohisa Ozaki