Re: Decal Letters and Numbers

Michel Lefort (
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 19:03:18 +0100

On Mon, 20 Nov 95 22:34 CST, you wrote:

>Thanks to Mike, Al, and Matt WRT numbering techniques.
>Applying directly to a model sounds scary! Is there a way
>to remove them if you make a mistake? Not that any of you
>guys ever would, ;) but I'm still getting up to speed.
FWIW, here is how I deal with rub-down letters.
First, I rub them "in the air". That's to say that I rub the sheet
while holding it so that it touches nothing. For what I know, it's
called pre-release in the graphic arts sector. It helps the
definitive release of the subject. What's more, you can then place it
without having to rub to hard at first to put it on its place. That
way, it's very simple to remedy a mistake : use self-adhesive tape to
take the subject away by touching it with the adhesive. Of course, if
the subject is well placed, you have to burnish it thorougly. Hope
that helps.

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