Time to start a new thread - most diffic

23 Nov 95 08:11:00 EST

Hello all,

This morning (Australian time) Erik moaned:
>Geeze... this list is as slow as a table-tennis ball rolling up-hill
>towards a fan! Holidays, me guess...

So it's time to try a new thread.

All of us are supposed to be WW1 modellers, and all of us hate rigging,
right? Well, maybe not, but I'm interested to find out what people
_really_ would prefer to avoid doing when the build their favourite

Me first. I _like_ rigging, it's not so hard, just an awkward task
repeated numerous times.

What I _really_ detest is putting the rib tapes on wings, especially the
trailing edge tape. Drives me nuts, whatever alignment technique I use
and _always_ takes twice as long as I anticipated. :-(