RE: Windsock Minis
23 Nov 95 08:40:00 EST

Hello again,

Someone who never signed his name said:
>What will the Windsock Mini Datafiles be like? Does anyone
>have a clue?

>I do look forward to the Lewis Gun and Albatros W4 issues.
>Perhaps some minis that just deal with the powerplants?
>Now that would help detailing models...

I fantasize about a series on Guns (and mounts), bombs (and carriers),
Engines etc. They might usefully pull together some of Harry Woodmans
articles with a selection of photos and drawings for example.

There is a very good Woodman book on WW1 aircraft armament which is
possibly still available, but which covers too many items in too little

What I'd like is something with multiple photos of (for example) all
variants of the Lewis, different versions of Scarff and other mountings
for the Lewis, scale and scrap view drawings together with a bit of
potted history of when and to which aircraft they apply. All in a volume
about the size of a standard Datafile.

Better still would be a volume on Rolls Royce Falcon engines, published
BEFORE I finish my Biff with an engine thats all wrong !