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Gerald P. McOsker (
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 19:17:24 -0500

Tomorrow Austrailian time- Shane attempted to change the character of the
exchanges by enquiring about pet hates while modelling our WWI stuff- Like
Shane, I don't mind the rigging- its stuffing all that detail in cockpits
that no unaided human eye could possibly see. I'm really going to make an
effort to start arranging figures in and around the cockpits. I'm currently
working on [ currently- I've been hacking on them for 9 months- among other
projects ] two Austrian Albatrossen [a 153. and a 253.] I have purchased
two Schwarlose Mgs from Aeroclub- cutt of the water cool barrels and glued
on regular barrels. All of the Schwarlose detail is buried under the
cowling [well- if you use a magnifier you can see the end of the breeches
in the cockpit. This is insane [or just very anal retentive]

The only model I have completed in the last several months is the Pyro
human skull model that I picked up from APC Hobbies old kit list for about
5.00. I have it done weatherd and grinning on top of my computer at work.
It's rather small so I'm referring to it as a she and plan to stick a silk
rose in her teeth. [ That is unless I can find a smallish pickelhaube model
to adorn the same.]


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