Richtoffen by AE Ferko
23 Nov 95 12:53:00 EST

Hello all,

After the rage engendered by my first sighting of the Windsock
MiniDatafiles, this special " Aces and Aeroplanes" volume is a much
better effort.

My local store is flogging it at A$70== US$56, which is slightly less
than the JG.1 volume recently released.

What you get is a book of about the same size as that nice volume, lovely
colour artwork (lotsa red paint folks) though I think less colour than
the JG.1 book. Very interesting text (what I could read of it in 10
minutes anyway) and lots of it, plenty of photos of MvR, his comrades
and some of his rivals, and a selection of pics of his aircraft.

I'm sorry, but I never thought to weigh up the amount of people pics
versus aircraft pics, and also never spent time identifying the well
known versus obscure photos (I was still quivering over the minifiles)

However: there are 3 colour profiles of Dr.1 425/17 at different stages
(red with Eiserne Kreuze, intermediate balkan kreuze and final balkan

Colour profiles of a whole bunch of other aircraft, including a Roland 2
seater which I never knew he flew (no red at all you understand) and the
usual Albatri and Tripes.

Colour photos of surviving fabric (the cross, possibly the same shot as
appeared in windsock recently)

I had my pusher (errr.... bookstore proprietor) hold my copy until pay
day, so I suppose I consider it worth the money. There's a lot of such
lunacy going around this list, so I expect there'll be those amongst you
who will also buy it