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Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 10:11:47 -0800


My name is Anthony Sanchez, and I've lurked here for about 2 1/2
months. I've had a chance to get to know the group a little, enjoy the
warped humor that makes its way into discussions, I've decided to stick
around, so I guess it's time I introduce myself.

I live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I have one wife(Ellen), no kids, two
cats, and several Venus Flytraps. My wife grew up amongst modelers, her
2 brothers, and accepts/understands my hobby with no problem, just like
I accept her love of football(mostly John Elway).

I've worked for the US Geological Survey as a Geologist for about 4
years and a Scientific Technical Illustrator for the last 17 years. I
am also a freelance artist, doing anything from aviation art,
portraits, nudes, spacescapes, wildlife... anything that inspires me.

I was born, and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of Kirtland
AFB. My dad worked at Kirtland/Sandia Livermore, doing things that to
this day he will not discuss!! But I did grow up around the base and
got to see all kinds of airplanes!!

I am interested in anything that flies-- kites, bats, dragonflies, some
mosquitos(the insect) and of course airplanes. Wright Flyers thru the
latest X planes. I know this is primarly a WW1 group, so I hope you
don't hold this against me.

I am not a political person and tend to ignore politics, (although
being a government employee in this day and age, its a difficult
subject to ignore).

I build primarly, but not exclusively in 1/48 scale. My WW1 subjects
include; Pyros' Boxkite, DMLs' Fokker Dr.1 (Von Tutchek markings),
Taube 1:50 Paper model, 1:20 Sopwith Camel paper model, a partially
finished Eduard Fokker E-III.

I also am an amateur Paleontologist (volunteer at Denver Museum of
Natural History Paleo. preperation lab), and an avid amateur

I guess for now that's enough pumping sunshine up my own skirt!

Glad to be part of a group of people that enjoys modeling as much as I

Anthony G. Sanchez