Re: New subscriber/member

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 16:09:46 -0800

Hi Paul;

Thanks for the welcome.

>you have just one wife, I didn't realise you had an option of two in
>the US.

At this time it's all I can afford!!

>I visited Kirtland AFB back in 1979, primarily to see the "Power

The Tower is were my dad use to work. He has spoken about that because
he knew about my interest in airplanes. He use to call it the "shake
and shock machine".

Is the tower still there?

I believe it is, I'll ask him, see if he knows.

>Do you know whether solar energy research is still the force it was in
the seventies or has interest waned since the "energy (price) crisis"

SERI, here in Golden, Colorado were I actually live, still exists, but
it has scaled down quite a bit because of cutbacks in Government

Or are you asking about the Solar Energy Research and Weapons
Development Facility at Monzano Base near Albuqueraue?

That one I have no clue, again I'll ask my dad.

Paul, I noticed that your from Australia. My wife(the one) and I are
planning a 6 week trip to wisit your country next year, during your
Fall or Winter. We haven't made final plans. Maybe if our paths cross
we can get together for a visit!?

Good day,