Re: Time to start a new thread - most di

Michel Lefort (
Fri, 24 Nov 1995 18:44:49 +0100

On 23 Nov 95 09:57:00 EST, Shane wrote:

>Michel writes (on what he dislikes doing):
>>In order of importance :
>>1. Sand them damned joints.
>>2. Cut the pieces of plastic and clean them.
>>3. Struggle with plastic- and super- glues
>>But, wait, I forgot, so put it #0 : to have to buy them!
>>Just some thoughts ;-)
>Ahhh.... So its the *modelling* that you don't like ;-)
Point taken. I like modelling, but what I dislike most of all are all
the other things that I have to do before having some free time for my
plastic surgery (in no particular order) : dish washing, vacuum
cleaner sweeps, shopping for the week, 8 hours a day at work, ... ;-)

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