Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Fri, 24 Nov 95 13:33:15 EST

This is a shameless plug, and a little off list, but...
IPMS Northern Virginia has a decal special available,
which covers NACA and NASA aircraft.
The NACA wings are provided, which can be used on many biplanes
and aircraft up to 1958.
The NASA "Meatball", "Wurm" (in red, white and black), and "Whoosh"
(the new tail logo) are also provided for aircraft from 1958-present.
The sizes vary, so you can select what fits or near fits.
I did the research, drawing on my forthcoming book on NACA/NASA
aircraft at Langley Field from 1918-1995.
J. Heilig of Precision Scale Graphics/Liveries Unlimited did the
final art, and Microscale printed the sheets.
The colors are great and they look hot! (Unbiased comment :-)

They are available from:
Northern Virginia Modelers
c/o Sherman Collings
3313 Pathway Court
Falls Church, VA 22042

Cost is $7.00 or 2 for $13.00 postpaid.
Commercial vensor will probably be Meteor Productions, if you
prefer MC/VISA. (Meteor has ads in Finescale Modeler.)

If you have hated the horrible, mis-shapen NACA wings of past
kits, these are just the thing!

Brian Nicklas