Re: Comments on the old Smer

Bill Shatzer (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 11:10:18 -0800

>Subject: Comments on the old Smer kits?
>While visiting Philadelphia over the holiday I came across some of the WWI
>kits by Smer. Any comments concerning these? The ones I saw were all marked
>1/48th but I believe they were actually closer to 1/40th?

Well, I've not measured all of 'em but unless Smer is re-boxing the
old Heller SPAD, they shouldn't be anything close to 1/40. Published
figures say they're all 1/48 or as close as makes no difference 'cept
for the Fokker D.7 (1/46) and the S.V.A.5 (1/50)


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