Re: Comments on the old Smer

Charles Hart (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 14:20:58 -0700

>>Subject: Comments on the old Smer kits?
>>While visiting Philadelphia over the holiday I came across some of the WWI
>>kits by Smer. Any comments concerning these? The ones I saw were all marked
>>1/48th but I believe they were actually closer to 1/40th?
>Well, I've not measured all of 'em but unless Smer is re-boxing the
>old Heller SPAD, they shouldn't be anything close to 1/40. Published
>figures say they're all 1/48 or as close as makes no difference 'cept
>for the Fokker D.7 (1/46) and the S.V.A.5 (1/50)
To continue this thread with a couple of recollections:

SMER is definitely repackaging the old Heller SPAD VII in 1/40 scale.
I have one of these. The kit shows its age but the molds are still decent.
I've never held the kit up against drawings so I can't comment beyond

I also have the SMER packaging of the DH-2, again the mold is old and
the kit shows it. I don't believe that this kit is terribly accurate. The
DH-2 is a surprisingly poorly documented aircraft, only in the past few
years has a group in the UK been able to make decent drawings of it and
publish some of their work in Cross & Cockade (Intl') with a little also
turning up in WW I Aero.

I would appreciate hearing how accuate anyone else found other kits in
this series. Has anyone compared the Ansaldo SVA with the Datafile.

BTW these kits turn up at very low prices in Squadron Mail Order sale
flyers from time to time. I have seen the 1/40 SPAD for $2.99 earlier this