Lindburgh SE 5A (Re: Need Opinion)

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Mon, 27 Nov 95 10:29:18 JST

Hello Jesse.

>>>>> Jesse Thorn <> writes:
Jesse> and I'm sure I'll receive many from this crew.
Jesse> What is the Lindburgh SE 5A kit like? Blob O' Plastic or a reasonable
Jesse> facsimile? How does it compare to the Monogram kit and The Real Thing?
Gerry>I bought it- only because I buy mosy everything in WWI [ or did- there are
Gerry>definitly limts these days] it is definitly a blob and really not worth the
Gerry>effort- IMO- Alltho the Japanese WWI special that came out several years
Gerry>ago showed it converted to an SE5.

I have the book what Gerry said.
It is 'Color & Marking of WWI airplane', published from Modelart and written by
Gerry> Chacun a son gout?
What is this mean?

Bill>It's not perfect (as befits a mold which is at least 30
Bill>years-old) but it's at least as good as the Aurora/Monogram
Bill>kit and it _is_ really 1/48th scale, unlike the Aurora/Monogram
Bill>which is closer to 1/46th.

Lind's SE5 kit has nose of "SE5" with wings of "SE5a".
I think it is very important point with accuracy scale Bill said.

Vickers and Lewis-gun with Forster mount is very poor details, and grooves for
mounted Vickers-gun is molded in both side of fuserage.

IMHO, it is not bud. But it requires hard works.


--Hirohisa Ozaki