Re: Time to start a new thread - most diffic
Mon, 27 Nov 95 07:52:42 PST

All of us are supposed to be WW1 modellers, and all of us hate rigging,
right? Well, maybe not, but I'm interested to find out what people
_really_ would prefer to avoid doing when the build their favourite

Me first. I _like_ rigging, it's not so hard, just an awkward task
repeated numerous times.
I like rigging too. Sometimes I screw up, but that means
that I just start over with a new piece of wire or stretched
sprue --- no big deal.

I hate sanding and filling and sanding and filling. I may be
a little uptight about it right now because I spent part of
my week end working on the Eduard Sopwith Baby. Well, the
interior doesn't fit inside. So I ground out the fuselage
with a dremel tool. I ended up with lots o' gaps in the
fuselage. So I sanded and filled, had to replace the
fuselage bracing (whatever you call those wooden thingies
inside the fuselage that run longitudinally) with stretched
sprue then built up with CA glue. Then sanded.....

Looking forward to sanding it again when I get home tonight.

----Stephen Tontoni