Re[2]: Time to start a new t
Mon, 27 Nov 95 07:57:39 PST

This one gets my vote. I find it a chore to set-up and use the airbrush.
Building, filling, sanding etc are the fun parts for me. I'm not afraid of
ruining a paint job, I just, for some reason, loathe that part of the process.
Although, when I force myself to paint I am usually quite pleased that I got
it done.


Oh right.... yeah, I let my airbrush parts soak in thinner
from the last time I used it until yesterday. That would be
about a month or so. Not supposed to do that as there is a
little plastic O-ring in there that could be ruined by too
much solvent. I just keep saying "some other time...."

I hate cleaning the airbrush. I love using the damn thing.

----Stephen Tontoni