Re[2]: Comments on the old Smer
Mon, 27 Nov 95 08:12:22 PST

I enjoyed building the Smer DH-2 this spring, out-of-the-box. I fully rigged it
with the drill-all-the-way-through method from FSM a while back. Since I was
going out out-of-the-box, I painted cockpit details such as ribs, etc. The
worst part about it was removing the molded-in rondels.
Did it, done it, got the T-shirt. I counted something like
62 or 64 wire bits that had to be attached for the DH-2 for
all the controls, including the little aileron "horns" and
all that. The major problem with the Smer kits, besides lack
of detail, is the sanding off of the molded in decal
placement. I ended up sanding and filling and sanding and
filling...... I had to replace the ribs, of course.

Fun thing about Smer kits is that you have a chance to do
some interesting scratch building and more than a little
improvisation. If it doesn't work out, or you mess up, you
aren't talking about a $35 investment gone down the drain.
Try about $5 or $6. ---Stephen Tontoni