old Smer/Heller SPAD

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:37:04 -0700

to continue a thread:

I am glad to see that so many folks are actually building these old
SMER kits. How different is the SMER Nieuport 11 from the Aurora kit ?? I
have an Aurora in a beat up box that I'm willing to build, it didn't cost
much and doesn't seem to be one of the more desirable for "collectors".

I got out my ex-Heller SPAD VII last night. A few things to commend
it, not much flash, nice rib detail on wings and no molded on markings.
Beware though of oversized locator holes for things like the exhaust stubs.
Whole kit has molded holes for stringing the rigging through, even the
interplane struts. These holes are large enough to rig the whole thing
with stout cable suitable for utility pole guy wires. One feature it also
has are separate vinyl tires for the wheels. Mine are pretty deformed so
this is something that would have to be scratch replaced.