Re: old Smer/Heller SPAD
Mon, 27 Nov 95 10:01:45 PST

I have the Smer Supermarine Walrus (I am the eggman, I am
the... never mind) Avro 504K, and Fiat CR42. Now that the
Classic airframes CR42 has come out, there is just about no
chance in the world that I will build the Smer kit. I may
compare components like control surfaces to see if I could
bash the two. And it was a good deal at $3. There is not
a hell of a lot of difference in the molding between the two
manufacturers except that Classic has the good taste to not
include the insignia markings and RIVETS! Did he say RIVETS?

Don't know if/when I will ever get to the Walrus or the
504K. Both are very interesting aircraft, but very time and
labor intensive. I would probably do the Walrus first, but
not for some time; I have other fish to fry.

----Stephen Tontoni