Re[4]: Time to start a new t
Mon, 27 Nov 95 13:10:21 PST

> I hate cleaning the airbrush. I love using the damn thing.

O.K. I have to get in on this thread now. All this grumbling about airbrush
cleaning makes me wonder..why hasn't everyone else on this list tossed their
Badger 150, etc. into the closet and started using the Model Master
Professional? I love mine - full dual action - super easy cleaning with no
dissassembly - just flush out the head with solvent/water and you're done.
The cleaning station even makes that simple. Results of your work are
totally comperable with Badger needle airbrushes.

I am tossing around the possibility of purchasing a Paasche
double action airbrush... possibly one with the gravity
feed. How does that compare with the Model Master in
performance and ease of cleaning?

-----Stephen Tontoni
(have a Paasche H; just a lazy bones about cleaning)