What I'm building (WAS:old Smer/Heller S

28 Nov 95 07:56:00 EST

Jesse asks:
>I am finishing up an Eduard Siemens Schuckert D III and a Sierra Scale
>Gotha WD 7. What is everyone else working on right now?

In time honoured fashion I am building several models simultaneously at
painfully slow speed.

A scratchbuild Bristol Fighter, Nieuport 17 (major mod using about 25% of
the Hawk kit), Nieuport 11 (using just the rear fuselage from the Hawk
Nie17) and the DML Fokker D.VII.

All in 1:48 of course, since eyesight and good taste forbid going smaller
and larger respectively ;-)

And I'm REALLY anxious to finish one of them so I can start this pile of
Eduards !