RE:Time to start a new thread
28 Nov 95 07:44:00 EST

Hello all,

Stephen said:
> Oh right.... yeah, I let my airbrush parts soak in thinner
> from the last time I used it until yesterday. That would be
> about a month or so. Not supposed to do that as there is a
> little plastic O-ring in there that could be ruined by too
> much solvent. I just keep saying "some other time...."
> I hate cleaning the airbrush. I love using the damn thing.

Second that. Right down to the bit where I leave the bits soaking from
one model to the next rather than clean the thing.

And Al said:
>.why hasn't everyone else on this list tossed their
>Badger 150, etc. into the closet and started using the Model Master
>Professional? I love mine - full dual action - super easy cleaning with
>dissassembly - just flush out the head with solvent/water and you're

Because I HAVE a Badger 350 and a Paasche but I don't have the bucks to
change (bet thats a common complaint !)

My 2 cents (Australian) worth!