RE: What I'm building (WAS:old Smer/Hell
28 Nov 95 09:29:00 EST

Hello Jesse,

You said:
>There seems to be a hiearchy of socially accpeted modeling subjects at
>local IPMS club.

The rule of fashion enters into even modelling and it's interesting to
see where fashions differ. The larger of my two clubs (Brisbane Scale
Model club, about 100 active members) holds a comp at 6 meetings per
year. We had around 240 entries over the year. The spilt is about 50%
aircraft, 30% tanks, 10% SciFi, the remainder being cars, figures
(especially dinosaurs), ships and assorted oddities.

Aircraft were about 50/50 1/48th and the rest, and interestingly I saw
just 3 Swastikas in the whole year ! This years fashion at my club seemed
to be for hot jets (yuk) and Typhoons ! though there were actually 8 WW1
models entered including 2 by myself.

Down the road at IPMS Queensland, the overwhelming majority of models
were WW2 fighters, and yes, the swastika reigns supreme.

Across the street at Riverside Scale Model, largely aircraft, almost no
tanks, lots of Sci-Fi ( 1:72 outnumbered 1:48 aircraft.) I think I saw 1
swastika all year, yet last year at least half of the models were WW2

Fashion. Like platform shoes and cheesecloth shirts, modellers like a
change. Go figure!