Re[2]: What I'm building (WAS:old Smer/Heller S
Mon, 27 Nov 95 15:44:08 PST

Jesse asks:
>I am finishing up an Eduard Siemens Schuckert D III and a Sierra Scale
>Gotha WD 7. What is everyone else working on right now?

Just finished the DML DVII and finishing up the ESCI DVII. I used the DML as a
reference for detailing out the 1/72 ESCI. Also working on - heaven forbid -
armor. ;-)

Mentioned earlier --I sure am glad that my boss doesn't see
what a prolific writer I am today-- I am currently working
on the 1/48 Eduard Sopwith Baby. Can't wait to go home and
start sanding some more. I just attached the lower wing and
need to sand that in... also got work to do on the cowling.