Re: Lindberg SE-5a

Thomas Eisenhour (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 17:01:07 -0800

Jesse wrote:
>What is the Lindburgh SE 5A kit like? Blob O' Plastic or a reasonable
>facsimile? How does it compare to the Monogram kit and The Real Thing?
Let's just take a look what Brad Hansen has to say, writing in his 1979 book,
_W.W.I in Plastic_):

"Fortunately for W.W.I enthusiasts, [Lindberg's] two contributions are the best
models in their scales. The S.E.5a is _really_ 1/48 scale, unlike Aurora's [now
Monogram's] 1/46 scale model and the Jenny is the best Jenny available, possibly
the best injection molded 1/48 scale W.W.I model of all (!) With very little work
it can easily win contests, as KCC publisher John Burns' JN 4 did in the 1976
IPMS Convention."

The SE-5a kit was first issued by Lindberg circa 1958.

I'll grant you that review is a bit dated but a good kit IS a good kit no matter
how old it is. Don't be put off by the bright yellow plastic!

- Tom