Airfix RE8 (Re[2]: Time to start a new t)

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Tue, 28 Nov 95 10:46:01 JST

>>>>> Erik Pilawskii <> writes:
Erik> As for projects, I just finished that awful Merlin AEG G.IV (thank
Erik> heavens!!!!). Now I'm wading into a Czechmaster SS D.III, and the old
Erik> Airfix RE.8! Any comments on the RE.8? Anything to look out for in
Erik> particular?

Hello Erik.
I do not complete to built Airfix RE.8. But I checked up it with Windsock data
file and some resources.
I write some points from memories.

1. Shape of vartical tailplane. In particular rudder.
2. Propeller. I recommend to replace metalparts or Airfix DH4's propeller.
3. Adding buldges at underneath of nose. The kit has no buldges.
4. Too long span of both upper and under wing.
5. Too deep cut of cockpit. For that reason, shape around of cockpit is inaccuracy.

I will check it again tonight.
Hope this help.


--Hirohisa Ozaki