Re: Comments on the old Smer

mark (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 00:50:51 -0800

On 11/27/95, Bill W. held forth:

>I enjoyed building the Smer DH-2 this spring, out-of-the-box. I fully
>rigged it
>with the drill-all-the-way-through method from FSM a while back. Since I was
>going out out-of-the-box, I painted cockpit details such as ribs, etc. The
>worst part about it was removing the molded-in rondels.
>Perhaps not a accurate kit, but if you like rigging, the DH-2 is a good kit!
>(It was good enough to take a second in the last Atlanta IPMS show. ;-)
> This thread on the old Smer kits is quite timely, from my perspective. I
just finished the aforementioned DH2 about a week ago; it was one of the
many goodies I got from Mike Franklins liquidation sale a few months back,
and thought it would make a good warm up project to start the modeling
season off with. Like Bill says, the accuracy may be just a bit iffy in
spots, but otherwise it's quite good for the price - good fit to the parts,
minimal flash, etc. And yes, if you like rigging, this one offers
<<<<<lots>>>>> of opportunities for finger-cramps and eye strain. I would
estimate that the rigging was 50% of the time (if not necessarily 50% of the
effort) put into the model - but I guess you've got to expect that with any

What am I building now? With the completion of the DH2 I'm trying to decide
who's next....As for Smer, I've got both the Avro and the Ansaldo, but since
my completed collection is weighted a bit too heavily toward Allied aircraft
(I try to be evenhanded...), will probably go with something Teutonic,
currently a toss up between a K&B EIII (more molded-in markings to sand
off!!! :( ) or the Eduard HB DI (but am I warmed up enough yet to do an
Eduard???) Decisions, decisions......

Mark R.